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Best Time To Ski Steamboat

Best Time

For Smaller Crowds

Jan 20 to
Feb 5

Best Time To Ski Steamboat For Smaller Crowds: Steamboat may be off in a corner of north central Colorado by itself, but people know how to get there—and they do. But the flocks that come to this place known for its champagne powder can be avoided. As a classic destination ski resort with a deep following across the country, Steamboat peaks at those times we all expect: Christmas to New Year's, President's Day, and peak spring break weeks, particularly those when Texas schools are out. For crowds, the best time to be there is late January into February. The holiday weekends are MLK Day and President's Day spike up, and spring break traffic from college students and Texans can be strong in March.

Steamboat is one of the rare ski resorts where sneaking in a mid-December trip is a worthy gamble, as crowds will be small and the snow coverage will likely be good, as the ski resort tends to get it slopes open quickly due to the mellowness of the mountain and the high amounts of early cold snow it receives. For Ikon Pass holders, early season trips to Steamboat are a great way to get quality yield out of their pass.

Best Time

For Lower Costs

Jan 20 to
Feb 5

Cheapest Time To Ski Steamboat: Steamboat gets plenty of guests, but it remains one of the more affordable major destination ski resorts in the West. Costs do peak, of course, during holiday periods. Texas Week, which follows New Year's, helps keep costs high into the early part of January at some properties. Costs bottom out in mid-December, when there can actually be good snow coverage at the resort, and in late January, after MLK Day. In general, lodging costs here are more moderate than at other mainline resorts such as Vail, Aspen and Telluride; the resort has always been aimed at families and the amount of lodging that has been built up around the base of the ski resort is among the largest in skiing.

Best Time

To Fly

To Steamboat

Jan 15 to
Feb 15

Best Time To Fly To Steamboat: Steamboat gets great service into the Hayden-Yampa Valley (HDN) Airpot, about 30 minutes from the mountain. There are directs that feed into Hayden from both coasts, Chicago and Texas. As ski town airports go, it is in the top 5 for service. Cheaper flights can be found from mid January to mid February, when there are plenty of directs, but lots of open seats. We recommend stalking flight prices early, beginning in the early summer preceding the winter, and tracking prices with a tool such as Google Flights that will alert you to when a change in prices has taken place.

Best Time

For Snow

15 - 30

Best Time To Ski Steamboat For Snow: Steamboat receives more snow than most mountains in Colorado. Its relatively low elevation and lack of north-facing terrain, however, mean that spring sunshine can bring about major freeze-thaw cycles beginning in February. For that reason, Steamboat's conditions peak in mid January. Dry powder seekers should target December and January. Spring skiers can take advantage of the warm March days by following the sun around the mountain; skiing in the afternoon during spring is usually best at Steamboat, as the slopes have had a chance to thaw out and the spring corn is at its best—and it can be great at Steamboat.

Steamboat Snow Quality Across Full Winter
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