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Best Time To Ski Jackson Hole

Best Time

For Smaller Crowds

10 - 31

Best Time To Ski Jackson Hole For Smaller Crowds: Jackson's deserved reputation for early snowfall has made the Christmas-New Year's week a crowded one. Those willing to ski the week before Christmas and the week after New Year's will usually find good snow and sparse crowds (and spend about half as much on lodging). Spring is also a good bet, as Jackson doesn't see the kinds of spring break crowds that Colorado and Utah do, which makes March a good time to ski for smaller crowds—but Jackson's snow, due to its overwhelming Eastern aspect, can get rough in the spring (see Snow details below).

Best Time

For Lower Costs

10 - 31

Cheapest Time To Ski Jackson Hole: As with most places, skiers heading to Jackson who want to avoid extra costs should dodge the big holidays, namely the Christmas-New Year's week and President's Day. March can be cheaper in the Tetons, as there is ample housing stock to go around.

Best Time

To Fly

To Jackson Hole

February to
March end

Best Time To Fly To Jackson Hole: Jackson's Airport is one of the best in skiing, with directs all over the country. There is extra service around the holidays. Th e best days to fly in, typically, are Tuesday and Wednesday, as these flights are rarely full. Flights from Chicago and Denver on United tend to be pricier than those from airports with less history of having direct flights to Jackson Hole, such as Newark, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Best Time

For Snow

Dec 20 thru
Feb 15

Best Time To Ski Jackson Hole For Snow: Skiers always stand good odds of getting a nice storm while in Jackson. The mountain tends to be 100% open by Christmas during most seasons. And big storms keep coming until May. The mountain's high percentage of east-facing terrain means that snow can degrade quickly in the spring, as north facing slopes are few.

Best time for snow at
Jackson Hole
Snow quality compared w/
rest of North American resorts