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Ikon Pass Blackout Dates 2020-2021
BY Christopher Steiner


These are the blackout dates for the 2020-2021 Ikon Bass Pass holders.

Ikon Base Pass skiers should remember that Jackson Hole and Aspen will require an additional $150 payment to use the Base Pass on those mountains. That $150 will grant riders five days at each resort (five days total across the four Aspen mountains, plus five days at Jackson Hole). For those planning on skiing those resorts and not skiing around big holidays—the ones listed above (Christmas/New Year's, MLK Day weekend and President's Day weekend) the Base Pass should do nicely.

That extra payment brings the total due for an Ikon Base Pass to $849, bringing it within $150 of the $999 owed for a full Ikon Pass, which comes with no blackouts and seven days at each of Jackson Hole and Aspen.

We expect this to have a minimal impact on the total number skier days at Jackson and Aspen, but those resorts will earn more cash from Alterra Mountain Co. (which owns/runs the Ikon Pass) for each day skied at the resorts on the Ikon Pass, which is what premium destinations such as Jackson and Aspen have the leverage to do.